21 Simple Resume Tips in 2021

As we roll into the 21st year of the 21st century, things have grown more competitive especially in the job hunting realm.
When it comes to job hunting, preparing to ace the interviews takes precedence. However, an attractive resume is still the golden ticket that will help land you the interview in the first place.
So, here’s 21 practical tips you may have forgotten or overlooked while constructing this simple piece of paper that may open up new frontiers in your future career.

1. Font

"DO NOT try to be creative and use Comic Sans..."

Font like Times New Roman, Verdana and Arial are easy to read and professional. DO NOT try to be creative and use Comic Sans or Pacifico for your resume, as your future employers will assume you do not take the job application seriously.

2. Font Size

Anything from 10 points to 14 points is acceptable, let’s just stick with 12 points and please make sure the font size is consistent throughout the whole resume.

3. CAPS, Bold, Italic and Underline

JobRewards 21 Simple Resume Tips in 2021
Use the above mentioned wisely and not widely, especially CAPS. Your resume is not a danger sign, so do not shout at your future employers. Use Bold to highlight important info and reserve underline for links.

4. Alignment

We prefer a resume that is left aligned or Justify. Centre aligned resume looks like a menu and we haven’t received any right aligned resume so far. Unless your language is a right-to-left script, otherwise just stick to left aligned.

5. Objective

"Treat it seriously and make sure it packs a punch!"

A 1 to 2 sentences objective will summarize what person you are and what you can achieve if given the job opportunity. Treat it seriously and make sure it packs a punch!

6. Professional Email Addresses

Your contact is the most important field in your resume, do not take this for granted. [email protected] is very good, [email protected] is also acceptable. Please avoid emails like [email protected] or [email protected].

7. Contact Information

Make sure your contact info such as your email address, mobile number, personal website and also online media profile links are all up to date and workable before sending out your resume.

8. Photo

JobRewards 21 Simple Resume Tips in 2021
Some may argue that this is old-fashioned but a friendly picture of yours will always attract HR eyes before they screen through your resume.

9. Work Experience

Always update your resume to include your latest work experience before sending out your job applications. Make sure the skills stated are updated too.

10. Reverse Chronological Order

Starting from recent job experience and work the way back. For academic achievements, always put the highest qualification first.

11. Naming your Resume

Number 11 in this simple resume tips, name your resume file properly. john_smith_resume.pdf is preferable. Do not just name it Resume.pdf.

12. Resume File Format

"Convert it to PDF as you save your resume..."

What you see in Microsoft Words or Google Docs may not end up aligned on other computer systems or printers. A Portable Document Format (PDF) is widely used on many devices now. Convert it to PDF as you save your resume or use an online PDF converter.

13. Special Terms and Short Forms

Example: I am a QA engineer responsible for testing RF and DSP for my company’s product. It may make sense to a manager with the relevant background, but may be rejected by the HR manager.

14. Job Description

If your previous job role is too niche, try to use a simple explanation to describe that role.

15. Technical Jargons

JobRewards 21 Simple Resume Tips in 2021
Again, a resume is a brief introduction about yourself. Keep the technical presentation for the interview, your future employer will be more impressed by that. Avoid nonsensical jargon like “efficiently digitalize confidential property onto a unifi network” when what you do is actually backing up company files to the server.

16. Promotions

Check that you always include previous promotions in your resume. Also, add in the added responsibilities along with the promotions.

17. Achievements and Awards

Only include achievements that are related to your job role. Skip the “Best Costume Award” in your company’s annual dinner and add in the “Best Employee Award” and “Best Technical Support” to your list.

18. Numbers

"“A 50% increase in efficiency” and “Managing a team of 20 sales representatives” will always catch a hiring manager's attention..."

“A 50% increase in efficiency” and “Managing a team of 20 sales representatives” will always catch a hiring manager’s attention when he/she screens through your resume.

19. Cover Letter

If you have a cover letter, make sure that the position and job role mentioned on the cover letter matches the content in your resume. Never submit 2 different versions.

20. Proofread

Once you have managed to construct your resume, make sure to proofread it before submission. Use a free online tool like grammarly or ask a friend to read through it. This will definitely save you some trouble.

21. Keep It Short & Sweet (KISS)

Last but not least in this simple resume tips list, keep your resume as short as possible and leave the details for the interview

(BONUS) Demo Slides for Online Interviews

This may be a new trend, but it has proven to be an effective one. If you are attending an online job interview, try to prepare your resume in slides and ask to share your slides during the interview. This will definitely make you stand out among your peers. Check out how to ace an online interview here.
Once you have these practical tips in mind, you are more likely to get shortlisted for an interview faster and easier. Good Luck!


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