4 Things To Do During “The Wait”

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to leave destructive trails all over the world, many countries have no choice but to implement a total or partial movement restrictions and business closures in order to flatten the coronavirus curve.
We are living in these harrowing times when not only our freedom and health are threatened, but also our financial securities. With markedly reduced or even no income at all, the majority of businesses are struggling to keep their most valued assets – paying their employees.
What was once considered an asset has now become a liability. Especially so for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), as employers are faced with heart-wrenching decisions to cut pay, furlough or even lay off employees. Thankfully, our government has laid out a business stimulus package for SMEs in Malaysia affected by the coronavirus.
No one can predict what may happen in the future, but JobRewards believe that staying positive and looking optimistically beyond the pandemic aftermath is the right way forward. For all of us who are waiting for this pandemic to blow over, here are some ideas that may help occupy our time meaningfully and even add value to ourselves while we stay at home.

1. Learn new skills online

"Skills such as graphic designing, photography, video editing and programming are becoming more important in our digital world..."

While staying at home translates to more K-dramas binge-watching time for some, it is good practice to establish a daily routine at home. A good daily routine makes it less disoriented and more focused on getting the best out of the extra time we have at home. Consider allocating some time to learn new skills online, or go back to that online course you never have the time to finish. There are a lot of free resources available online – Coursera and HubSpot (to name a few), and many are provided by reputable universities or academies. Skills such as graphic designing, photography, video editing and programming are becoming more important in our digital world and it is always handy to learn them. As a fun part of your learning process, you can always engage your family members and friends to learn something new with you. Build up an arsenal of useful skills now and be ready to brave the new world after COVID-19.
Do not let your talents go to waste.

2. Revitalize yourself with books

JobRewards 4 things to do during The Wait
Consider unplugging from the daily news about COVID-19. Or fast from scrolling mindlessly on your social media. Pick up a good old book, be it fiction or a self help, that you wish to read but never have any time to do it. Curl up at a comfortable corner in your home and read away to destress. In fact, research by the University of Sussex supported the idea that reading can actually be more relaxing than music or a cup of tea! So reward and revitalise yourself with a good book and reap the benefits of unwinding yourself from the stress of the pandemic. After all, this is the best time to take care of yourself and do things that are usually at the bottom of your priority list.

3. Workout with your friends (or alone)​

JobRewards 4 things to do during The Wait
It is a universal fact that physical exercises not only keep you fit and reduce your risks of catching illnesses, exercises also lift your emotions and keep your mind sharp. At the physiological level, exercises release a whole host of mood-lifting hormones, including endorphins, which aid in improving mood and strengthening our immune system. Especially with long-term movement restrictions imposed by our government, we all need to find creative ways to workout and keep ourselves healthy physically and mentally. As we are living in the digital age, we are equipped with tools that can help us break isolation while still keeping our physical distances. The latest workout trend is to do online group workout via Zoom with your family and friends, or you can also take part in online classes with a professional trainer. Take this opportunity to keep fit with your loved ones, especially now that you are not stuck in the office. And if you are a shy soul, you can always workout by yourself via YouTube videos or mobile fitness apps. Practice whatever you are comfortable with and work best for you.

4. Plan your career

JobRewards 4 things to do during The Wait
Depending on your country’s policy to combat the spread of coronavirus, you may not be able to chill out with friends in a cafe, or even go out for a hike or jog during the health crisis. So take this quiet time to reflect and learn more about yourself and your career goals and options. Are you happy with your current job? Where can you see yourself in five years time? Do some research on career planning, and come out with a plan of action. Map out your strengths and identify the skills you would like to further develop. After this brainstorming session, take online classes or courses to work towards your goal. Since most of us are craving for any form of social contact, you can try to contact prospective companies to set up informal interviews, via online platforms such as Skype or Zoom, to learn more about the companies and their work culture.

"...we know that whatever it is we will rebuild our world and emerge even better"

Navigating through tough times can be disheartening when we let it be. Yet tough times are also opportunities for us to come together as one and explore better ways of doing things. Again, we cannot predict what the end of COVID-19 looks like, but we know that whatever it is we will rebuild our world and emerge even better, and to do that we will need to be ready for that day – by adding values to ourselves. Let us not be paralyzed by fear and be defeated by this pandemic. Take action and stay safe.
Ready to expand your horizon?


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