5 Most Anticipated Pandemic-Related Job Interview Questions

Our world has never been more interconnected than ever. Across the entire globe, almost all countries are experiencing the same threats, and weathering the same rampage of the ongoing Covid-19 storm. Many countries are striving their best to find the perfect balance in walking the tightrope of trade-offs between introducing drastic measures to beat the pandemic and at the same time keeping the economy afloat.
Desperate times call for radical strategies. As the whole world is forced to cohabitate with the pandemic, there is a mushrooming of new ways of doing things in a bid to regain some semblance of normalcy against the muddy backdrop of chaos. Our world is a resilient one, and the whole world is beginning to adopt new strategies such as working from home, conducting online meetings and virtual interviews.
JobRewards is also easing into the next new normal, and as part of the online job interview series, we have compiled a list of relevant job interview questions that are currently anticipated during this pandemic season.

1. What is your daily routine during the pandemic?​​

"sprinkle in some solid examples of the approaches and measures you have taken to cope with the changes and stress"

Although this may appear to be a straightforward and easy question, your interviewers are actually looking for evidence of you demonstrating resilience and resourcefulness in the face of a crisis. So instead of just telling your interviewers what the general outline of your daily routine is, sprinkle in some solid examples of the approaches and measures you have taken to cope with the changes and stress brought by the disruption in the existing ways of doing things at work. You want to show that you shine with resilience amid stressful challenges.

2. Are you able to do the job while working from home?

JobRewards 5 Most Anticipated Pandemic-Related Job Interview Questions
Given the unpredictable outbreak pattern of Covid-19 at this point in time, companies hiring new employees would typically require their employees to demonstrate a certain degree of independence and creativity. For this reason, your interviewers are likely to evaluate two things – your ability and your readiness to work from home. It is important to mention you have a dedicated workspace at home if there is a need to work alternately from home and onsite in anticipation of work disruption by subsequent pandemic waves. Share also with your interviewers, powerful examples of the time when you are able to work independently with minimal supervision and at the same time communicate effectively with other colleagues or team members in projects. Our advice – it is never too little to cite the times when you displayed good research and problem-solving skills to weather unprecedented challenges.
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3. What have you learned about yourself during the pandemic?​​

"share how you have overcome hurdles to manage things at work"

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, never before has there been a more opportune moment for companies to assess the level of emotional intelligence in their new employees. The current health crisis is the best time for your interviewers to evaluate how well you are able to manage your emotions under stress, as well as your ability to self-reflect and self-regulate during a crisis. Highlight the time when you need to tap into your resilience during the pandemic to hold yourself together and keep yourself motivated to get the job done. While things may be falling apart around you, share how you have overcome hurdles to manage things at work. Your positive outlook and attitude towards work during the pandemic is a testament to your inner resilience and real-time capability under stress.

4. Are you willing to work in the office after the pandemic?

JobRewards 5 Most Anticipated Pandemic-Related Job Interview Questions
It is in reality not as easy as it seems to put on different hats. Transitioning from working remotely to working onsite takes time and mental effort, and your interviewers would want to evaluate your flexibility and adaptability in making the mental shift between working in different environments. It is important to reflect on this question before your interview. Be honest in your self-evaluation, are you more suited to work remotely, on-site, or both? Ultimately, your end game is to be in the right job position, so If you are truly able to adapt quickly at different working environments, it is an advantage. When you give your answer, also consider your past experiences in dealing with changes, and share what sort of approaches you have taken to transition and thrive in different environments. Afterall, nothing beats a claim that is backed up by concrete examples.

5. How have you been spending your free time?​

"...how you have taken the initiative to grow and improve on your skillsets..."

This question is a popular one, because it gives companies a quick glimpse into the mind and attitude of potential employees in terms of their self-motivation and pro-activeness for improvement and growth in their career during the pandemic. In short, your interviewers are looking for evidence of your potential to bring value to the company. As such, it is imperative to show that your morale is not beaten by the ongoing pandemic, but instead you have been utilizing this time of disruption wisely to prepare yourself for the long road of career growth ahead. Supply your interviewers with shining examples of how you have taken the initiative to grow and improve on your skill sets or the quality of your work.
The sudden virus outbreak has undoubtedly cast an uncertain light over the entire career landscape. Nevertheless, with the five most anticipated job interview questions during this pandemic season shortlisted for you, JobRewards hope you are able to set aside your frustrations and doubts about your future, and set your sights on planning your career direction and development. Take this time to reflect and refocus, for a new dawn is coming.

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