5 Steps To Boost Your Working From Home (WFH) Productivity

JobRewards Covid WFH Guide

Last week, we wrote about Unlocking the Benefits of Working From Home (WFH) and we received a number of positive responses from our readers who agree that WFH can be relevant and feasible if well-managed. Nevertheless, there are a few readers who believe that WFH brings more cons than pros. And the root cause of it lies in the belief that WFH actually decreases work productivity.

All over the world, many countries are already in some form of lockdown in an attempt to curb the spread of COVID-19 transmission. Closer to home, with the recent enforcement of the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia, all forms of public relations activities have to be cut down to zero. And within a week, even JobRewards have to move all operations online. However, we are able to respond and adapt to the transitory changes with these few steps.

1. Plan your work

"Be accountable to your set goals and check your work progress periodically..."

Everything starts with good planning. Prior to starting your work, make it your routine to spend at least 15 – 30 minutes mapping out the list of things you have to complete for the day and align your list with specific work goals. Even better if you write them down on paper or type it out if you are a go-greener. Be accountable to your set goals and check your work progress periodically to make sure you are on the right track.

2. Minimize distractions

You cannot even hope to accomplish big things if you are always distracted with trivial things, so stay focused! Phone calls, text messages, adorable children and pets may be constantly vying for your attention, but when WFH you need to do the right thing. And what is that right thing? It is setting clear boundaries at home with your kids during work time – task other members of the family to look after your kids if they are very young. And if your kids are up for it, task them with fun activities to work with while you are working. With the children’s issue addressed, the next right thing is to fast from non-essential calls and messages during work time. Those “instant Covid-19 updates” or funny toilet paper videos can definitely wait.
JobRewards Covid-19 WFH Guide
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3. Upgrading yourself

"...seize this golden opportunity to upgrade yourself with free ... online courses..."

You are now spending more time in front of the computer, so why not seize this golden opportunity to upgrade yourself with free (or sometimes paid) massive open online courses (MOOCs) that you have always wished you had more time to dive into. There are a number of reputable online platforms which provide in-depth training on a myriad of courses and specializations including programming languages and marketing courses. We personally prefer LinkedIn learningCoursera, and HubSpot.

4. Keep communications alive

"This is a good time to build good relationships, and to encourage each other..."

While your movements are being restricted, your voice need not be silenced with your movements. We are living in a digital age full of advanced tools that can help us stay connected with each other in real time even when we are all practicing social distancing. So let us fully utilize it! Keep in close touch with your colleagues or friends who are also WFH. This is a good time to build good relationships, and to encourage each other to stand in solidarity in the face of this global health crisis. Give each other a constant daily dose of morale boost, we all need it.

5. Housekeeping

Besides cleaning up your house, you can utilize extra time from not having to commute to work to de-clutter and clean up your electronic files and documents in your company or personal laptop. Delete those obsolete product datasheets, old emails and old resumes of yours; sort out that 50 plus GBs of Downloads and Temp folders that have been hogging your digital memory space – defrag your hard drive. This will save you a lot of time in the future and will magically make your computer run smoother while you open the excel file next time. Trust us, we have been through it.
JobRewards Covid-19 WFH Guide
With all the five steps of boosting work from home productivity rolled out to you, we stand by our views that WFH can be a rewarding model, if applied wisely. Nevertheless, before we end we want to highlight that during this uncertain time of health crisis, we want everyone to stay healthy and stay safe. Take this time also to eat healthily, exercise regularly and rest frequently. It will help keep your body strong and lower your risks of getting sick.


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