A Brief Introduction to Psychometric Tests

In the realm of recruitment, resume and interview are the most widely used tools to evaluate the suitability and compatibility of job candidates for specific job positions. Great emphasis has been laid on mastering the art of resume and interview preparation, and yet, there is another recruitment tool that deserves our attention – Psychometric tests.
The origin of the concept of psychometric tests can be traced all the way back to the 1880s, where it was first designed as a lab test to measure an individuals’ mental ability. It has since quickly expanded to incorporate measures of personality, judgement, reasoning, motivation, attitude and aptitude in a workplace environment.
Psychometric tests can be used by both employers and job seekers, fundamentally as a tool to give greater insights for making more informed decisions about hiring and career planning respectively.

Generally, psychometric tests can be divided into 2 main categories – personality profiling and ability testing.

JobRewards Personality Test

Personality Profiling

Personality profiles, or personality tests, are designed to assess the way in which individuals do things, how they make judgment and behave in response to certain circumstances, as well as what motivates and interests them.
Most employers use personality profiling to compare a job candidate’s preference, motivation, attitude, behaviour and interest in informal and work-related settings against the specific job requirements to assess whether they are a good match.
The tests allow a quick and objective evaluation of job candidates’ ability to administer effective judgement in solving work-related problems based on hypothetical responses, which is useful in hiring as well as training and managing the company’s current employees.
Personality profiling also helps job seekers develop strong self-awareness, in terms of inventorying available skill sets as well as understanding the type of work and problems that motivates them. These are useful for career planning and development, allowing job seekers to leverage their strengths in job searching as well as making improvements to achieve career goals.

Among the few popular personality tests are Four Temperaments Test, 16 Personalities and DISC.

JobRewards Abilities Test

Ability Testing

As the name suggests, an ability test is a kind of performance test often used by employers to evaluate whether the job candidates have a certain set of skills and knowledge required by specific job roles.
The tests allow a quick and reliable assessment of whether the candidates possess the required skill sets they claimed to have and how well they can apply critical thinking and reasoning in work-related situations. They also give deeper insights into whether the job candidates are potential leader material, while some employers use these tests for employee performance review.
At the heart of ability tests, aptitude tests are frequently administered by employers to measure the candidates’ ability to learn a new skill and exercise that skill to their benefit. The skill can be anything from language, management, sales pitching to programming, depending on the job role and requirement.
Some examples of popular aptitude tests include Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning.
JobRewards Psychometric Tests
Psychometric tests are not intended to blindly label people and put them inside a predefined box, but rather, they are a convenient and reliable tool that take a snapshot of an individual’s suitability and potential for a job role and turn it into useful insights that give objectivity in making decisions. Responding to the ever competitive employment landscape, it is now a reality to embrace psychometric tests along with a broder suite of other tools (i.e. resume, interview, etc.) to your advantage in career-related decisions, whether you are an employer or job seeker.
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