#1g5jc4m GIFT – Marketing Manager

Job Description :
  • Undertake marketing projects to support the business development and sales efforts at the company.
  • Organise creative campaigns and events to promote the company on suitable platforms and bring forth a strong arsenal of techniques and methods to promote our services and public image.
  • The goal is to reach out to the market and cultivate client interest in the company’s offerings in ways that strengthen the company’s reputation and facilitate the company’s continuous growth.
Marketing Duties :
  • Develop strategies and tactics to get the word out about our company and build qualified leads through online and offline channels, such as speaking engagements, exposure at different events, digital marketing, etc.
  • Produce marketing collateral (including design, creation, copy writing, etc) such as visuals, videos, landing pages for the company’s website, social media, blog, email marketing, press releases, brochures, etc. through leveraging engaging the company’s content that attracts and converts target groups
  • Manage and coordinate with vendors where necessary to maintain the company’s website, design collateral and optimise digital marketing strategies
  • Organise and oversee advertising/communication campaigns (social media, offline, etc.), exhibitions and promotional events
  • Monitor progress of website, campaigns and marketing initiatives using various metrics and submit reports of performance
  • Budgeting and cost management to ensure marketing effectiveness with the highest ROI
  • Collaborate with the management team to execute strategy, prepare budgets, monitor expenses as well as effectiveness of campaigns
  • Liaise with teams in Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur to support sales efforts of various offerings and ensure programmes, reports, articles, etc are publicised effectively
Skills and Qualifications :
  • At least 5 years’ work experience, with a focus on marketing, client relations and business communications, preferably with a services company
  • BSc/BA in marketing, business administration or relevant discipline is an advantage
  • Fluency in English, Bahasa &/or Mandarin (fluency in other Asian languages is a plus) with good English writing skill.
  • Interpersonal skills, including self-confidence, effective communication with internal and external stakeholders across cultures, active listening, relationship management and the ability to collaborate well as part of a team
  • Organisational skills to ensure marketing plans and strategies run smoothly; includes the ability to work independently, manage timelines, meet deadlines, multitask, prioritise, and document everything for easy access and future reference.
  • Problem-solving to gather information, weigh the associated pros and cons and then formulate the best solution for our marketing efforts leveraging on market research techniques, data analysis and statistics methods
  • Creative and design skills to apply it to marketing and advertising collaterals
  • Reporting skills to coordinate with clients and team members to set expectations, align on objectives, collect and analyse data, and convey information clearly to meet project deliverables
  • Budget management to create viable budgets, track costs, produce basic spreadsheets and make recommendations on reasonable marketing expenditure
  • Technologically savvy hands-on experience with all Microsoft 365 applications; familiarity with Adobe Photoshop, WebTrends, CRM, Slack, and video editing skills is a plus
  • Web development skills, specifically experience with WordPress, to keep the company’s website up to date, add pages and sections as needed, monitor website performance, and liaise with external website vendors effectively
  • Digital marketing tools, specifically proficiency in HubSpot Sales and Marketing Pro to actively develop new leads and grow the company’s client pipeline. Familiarity with other web analytics tools is a plus
Benefits of the Role :
  • A fulfilling and challenging position within a dynamic, purpose-driven company that asks you to think, discover, learn, and grow, with truly regional focus and exposure
  • Constructive, stimulating, and fun work environment that emphasises new ideas and personal initiative
  • Opportunity to support transformation of programme participants and client organisations, as well as meaningful sustainable business projects with far-reaching social impact
  • Scope to work independently and contribute to strategic decision-making impacting business success
  • Competitive remuneration and employment benefits; ample room for career growth


Salary RangeRM5,000-7.000
IndustryLeadership Courses, Seminars & Trainings Organizer
Task ID#1g5jc4m

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