#1g5jc4p GIFT – Program Associate

Job Description :
  • Responsible for supporting the successful planning, design, execution, and continuous improvement of the company’s open enrolment and customised executive education programmes.
  • These may include in-person experiential courses, outcome driven workshops, blended-learning interventions, and 100% online programmes.
Programme Management includes:
  • Activity planning, sequencing, and prioritising to ensure key milestones and objectives are met throughout the programme planning process
  • Coordination, communication, and relationship management with internal and external stakeholders including the company’s team members, clients, participants, experiential field-project partners and stakeholders, vendors, suppliers, etc.
  • Research and writing to produce high quality programme collaterals, and to develop socially impactful business projects in collaboration with clients, project partners and other stakeholders
  • Cultivating and maintaining a regional network of potential project partners for experiential programmes which may include regional companies, social enterprises, development institutions, NGOs, and government agencies
  • Documentation of programme outcomes and refinement of reports produced by participants before final publication and delivery to project partners and clients
  • Managing logistics related to programme planning and delivery including enrolments, travel, accommodations, and venues
  • Budgeting and cost management to ensure strong financial performance of all programmes
Skills and Qualifications :
  • 3-5 years’ work experience, preferably with a focus on project management, event management, consulting, client relations and business communications (fresh graduates welcome to apply)
  • Bachelors degree in a technical field is an advantage
  • Fluency in English, Bahasa &/or Mandarin (fluency in other Asian languages is a plus)
  • Interpersonal skills, including self-confidence, personal presence, relationship management and the ability to collaborate well as part of a team
  • Organisational skills to ensure programme planning processes run smoothly; includes the ability to multitask, prioritise, and document everything for easy access and future reference
  • Communication skills to be able to convey messages clearly to clients, other external stakeholders, and internally amongst GIFT team members
  • Problem-solving to gather information, weigh the associated pros and cons and then formulate the best solution for participants, clients, project partners and the company
  • Research, writing and synthesising to produce high quality presentations, programme briefing notes, client materials, reports, ability to synthesise large bodies of information and to refine project outputs including business plans, feasibility studies, etc.
  • Time management to create programme timelines, maintain deadlines and meet key milestones throughout the programme lifecycle
  • Negotiation and conflict management to negotiate mutually beneficial agreements and resolve potential conflict or setbacks with suppliers, clients, colleagues, and other key stakeholders
  • Reporting skills to coordinate with clients and team members to set expectations, align on objectives and convey information regarding programme deliverables
  • Active listening to connect with team members, develop better relationships with participants and clients, and to manage expectations of key stakeholders
  • Budget management to create viable budgets, track costs, produce basic spreadsheets and decide what the budget should or should not be spent on
  • Technologically savvy hands-on experience with all Microsoft 365 applications; familiarity with online education and collaborative tools such LMS, Slack, and video conferencing platforms is a plus
Benefits of the Role :
  • A fulfilling and challenging position within a dynamic, purpose-driven company that asks you to think, discover, learn, and grow, with truly regional focus and exposure
  • Constructive, stimulating, and fun work environment that emphasises new ideas and personal initiative
  • Opportunity to work on meaningful sustainable business projects with far-reaching social impact
  • Contribute to the personal growth and transformation of programme participants, as well as the organisational transformation of client companies and government agencies
  • Competitive remuneration and employment benefits; ample room for career growth


Salary RangeRM5,000
IndustryLeadership Courses, Seminars & Trainings Organizer
Task ID#1g5jc4p

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