“Back to Work” Online Job Fair Successfully Launched

– The “Back to Work” Online Job Fair was officially launched last week on the 13th July with more than 300 candidates participating and almost 30 new jobs secured within the week. JobRewards projects that the numbers will double this week.
“A few companies have to cancel their participation in the first week because the notice period is too short” said Adam Tan, the CEO of JobRewards. “However, there are also a few last minute sign ups from companies to join in the job fair, and I am very grateful for my team for assisting these companies in the entire sign up process.”
During last week’s job fair, numerous online job interviews were successfully conducted. As more job vacancies will be added, new interviews will be scheduled this week and the coming week.
“We are happy that the job market is recovering and more placement can be made.” said Adam. “We also hope that job seekers will not give up so easily as we are working very hard to find the right job for them.”
During these difficult times, alongside with the Penjana Kerjaya program initiated by Perkeso and also the “We Want You” program by the Penang state, JobRewards also launched a program called Bantuan Balik Kerja (BBK) to help job seekers who lost their jobs as well as fresh graduates who are looking to secure employment.
“BBK aims to help as many people as possible, and since our government is doing their part, we should too,” said Adam. “I think we should not stop at helping 1000 job seekers”.
For those who secure a job through the JobRewards platform, they will be entitled for a reward of 5% of their annual salary. This reward will only be given to new employees of the participating companies with JobRewards.
JobRewards is also helping employers to cut hiring costs through free job postings on the platform as well as having the lowest hiring cost in the market. In addition, JobRewards aims to provide better services for employers by continuously improving the candidate selection process.
To sign up for the Online Job Fair, please visit here. All sign-ups are automatically registered for the BBK program.


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