Bantuan Balik Kerja (BBK) Pledged To Reconnect Talents Back To The Workforce

JobRewards Bantuan Balik Kerja (BBK) pledged to reconnect talents back to the workforce
JobRewards Sdn Bhd CEO Adam Tan
– Malaysia has reported an unemployment rate of 3.9% in March this year, and just recently Bank Negara governor Datuk Nor Shamsiah Mohd Yunus warned that the figures might soon exceed the previous forecast of 4%.
With almost all economic activities put on a standstill during the first three phases of the country’s Movement Control Order (MCO), unemployment numbers and business closures seem to be snowballing even with the recent economic reopening by the government.
The impact of Covid-19 is hurting the economy, but there are always opportunities in every crisis. The medical sector, Electronics and Electrical (E&E) and the IT sectors are resilient and are overall still doing well. Meanwhile online marketing and e-commerce are actually flourishing during this pandemic season. These companies need talented individuals more than ever now to keep their businesses running.
As one of the leading professional job portals in the market, JobRewards believe that the economy will rebound and the time is ripe for many to reconsider one’s career path and progression.
“That is why JobRewards has come out with a program called ‘Bantuan Balik Kerja (BBK)’ or ‘Back to Work Aid’ to help the public to find the right jobs and get back on their feet” said Adam Tan, the CEO of JobRewards.
“We think this is a great time to help fellow Malaysians who have lost their jobs and hope during this Covid-19 pandemic, that’s why we have pledged ourselves to help 1000 candidates to get the right job and at the same time reward them with a 5% bonus,”
“JobRewards has been helping a lot of job seekers to grow their career ever since our establishment, but this time it’s different. We see that many people are struggling more than ever now just to meet ends needs, especially families with kids. That’s why we feel we should take action and contribute back to society” he said.
“JobRewards provides a platform for job seekers to upload their resume and automatically find a job match for them. Candidates can update their preferred job role from time to time for a better match, and they will be contacted for a scheduled interview with a potential employer if they consent.
To learn more about Bantuan Balik Kerja (BBK), click here.


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