Growing Your Skills Into Profit: Here’s 5 Ways

As most of us are caught in the crossfire between Covid-19 and the global war waged against it, navigating through the compound destructive effects on the human cost can be devastating to many. Our financial securities are inevitably affected as many governments mandate a partial or complete country lockdown in a bid to break the virus transmission chain.
For many businesses, even temporary closure or limited operations can equate to little or no income. As a result, many employees are faced with either a voluntary pay cut, being furloughed, or worse, having to be laid off – because businesses just could not stay afloat.
At this point, no one is able to accurately forecast how long before this Covid-19 storm is going to subside, but JobRewards believe that we need to be ready for that new dawn. We have shared four ideas on how to add values to ourselves while waiting for this pandemic to blow over in 4 Things To Do During “The Wait”, and depending on the type of skills cultivated, here are five ideas to translate those skills into some side profit.

1. Provide Online Coaching

"...offer with a variety of formats such as pre-recorded video ... or an eBook or PDF guide..."

Virtually any skill and knowledge can be translated into profit. For example, are you a fitness enthusiast? Channel your knowledge and skills about all things fitness to people in need of keeping fit and healthy, especially with more people cooped up at home during this stay at home period. Package your online coaching offer with a detailed fitness plan that comes with diet tips, healthy meal plans and effective exercise regimes – these materials can be prepared before your offer with a variety of formats such as pre-recorded video workout moves or an eBook or PDF guide about healthy meal plans and diet tips. Promote and market your offer via social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram as they are free and can reach a wider audience. Of course, you can choose to provide your coaching services on online coaching platforms such as You can also personally coach your “customers” one-on-one on a retainer fee or per hourly basis via video call platforms such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, or even WhatsApp video call, as well as providing real time advice or charting milestones with your customers via WhatsApp or Facebook messenger chats. The same principle can be applied across different fields of knowledge, including teaching, drawing and music. At the end of this, you should have also realized that the more skills you possess, (such as inbound marketing, content writing, video editing and graphic designing), the more you can offer to others and the easier it is for you to monetize your skills and knowledge.
Do not let your talents go to waste.

2. Create Online Classes

JobRewards Growing Your Skills Into Profit Here’s 5 Ways
It is a bonus if you possess valuable experiences and expertise in your field of work. Many people are willing to pay a reasonable fee to brush up their skills and add values to themselves to advance in their career paths. Especially so during this Covid-19 outbreak, when most people are working from home or just staying at home. By identifying gaps in your industry, you can design and create topic-specific online courses that meet the needs of such demands. You can first start out by providing your teaching materials in the form of video tutorials, PDF notes, as well as making podcasts by simple audio recording. A lot of these can be created by a smart phone which saves cost. You can also opt to work with online course platforms such as Skillshare and HubSpot to host and promote your online classes. Once you have established a group of audience, you can consider moving on to hosting your classes on your own website to retain a bigger share of revenue by using platforms such as Teachable and Zippy Courses.

3. Write Online Content

"The key tip about content writing is to offer helpful solutions for your readers, and attainable steps for them to reach those solutions"

Content writing is another skills-to-profit avenue to explore. It can be anything from writing articles, eBooks, blogging or even writing content for videos, podcasts and social media platforms. Writing in itself is a skill, and combined with the existing expertise and experience you have on your job can be a synergistic combination. You can convert your experience and knowledge into content in the form of articles or even as the ultimate guide to your area of expertise in your industry. The key tip about content writing is to offer helpful solutions for your readers, and attainable steps for them to reach those solutions. There are many resources and online courses on how to successfully publish an eBook, or how to further hone your skills in content writing available in platforms such as Udemy or Coursera. The more reason to add values to yourself during this “waiting” period!

4. Sell Your Creative Art

JobRewards Growing Your Skills Into Profit Here’s 5 Ways
If you are a creative and artistic sort of person, there is no time like the present to put your creative taste to good use. Do you have a gallery of photos, drawings or even paintings? You can consider selling your best works of art to websites like Freepik, Shutter Stock, and ArtPal, that buy photos and paintings. And if you have graphic designing skills even better. The best way is to start a portfolio of your work and showcase it online. You can create your own free website to showcase your work and promote your skills via free website-building platforms like Wix. People will be more interested and confident about your work with an online portfolio and testimonials from others. Of course, after you have refined your skills and established a loyal group of audience, you can always move on to look for graphic designing or even website developing opportunities, as these are in high demand in our digital age.

Ready to expand your horizon?

5. Develop Apps, Softwares & Games​

"With creative efforts and unwavering unity, we can emerge as better versions of ourselves and rebuild our world as a better place for all."

Turning coding and programming skills into side income can be highly feasible for computer geeks and gurus alike. Whether it is helpful apps, software or even games, coming up with these useful tools and entertainments is most relevant now, as so many people are being stuck at home. Turn your creative mind and skills into marketable products, and reap the rewards of your brainchildren – whether in cash or in a sense of achievement. Desperate times require creative countermeasures. Adding values to ourselves during this long wait towards a new world without the threats of Covid-19 can be immensely rewarding. With creative efforts and unwavering unity, we can emerge as better versions of ourselves and rebuild our world as a better place for all. JobRewards will be fighting together with you and be ready to assist you at the end of the tunnel. Stay positive and stay safe.


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