Hiring Continues as “Back to Work” Ended Successfully

– The 24th of July has concluded the two-week “Back to Work” Online Job Fair organised by JobRewards.
The debut job fair has been a success as many connections and engagements have been made for participating employers and job seekers.
No doubt that the job fair has also further enlightened JobRewards on the current employment trends and market that created potential opportunities for meaningful partnerships in the near future.
“We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participating partners and job seekers, because without you, this (online) job fair would not be a great success,” said John Ling, CMO of JobRewards. “However, for those who didn’t secure a job during this (online) job fair, please don’t give up because we are still working hard to match the right jobs for you.”
“The online job fair may have ended, but our services remain,” added Adam Tan, CEO of JobRewards. JobRewards is still rewarding job seekers with 5% of their annual salary for getting a job via the job platform.
On top of that, JobRewards also provides job interview skills training and career talks to university students and fresh graduates to help them ace job interviews, focusing especially on soft skills development.
“We are now working closely with universities because we noticed there is a gap in hiring fresh grads. Most companies have reservations about hiring new blood during this season of pandemic,” explained John.
“But a company’s growth is all about their talent’s potential,” said John. “Without the younger generation, many companies are losing out opportunities to grow from the influx of fresh and creative ideas.”
“With this in mind, we are committed to constantly reshaping our working culture to a younger and trendier workplace,” added John. “We want to also keep embracing new technologies to help simplify our work processes and increase our efficiency.”
JobRewards is very positive in future collaborations with institutes and universities around Malaysia to groom up a new generation of leaders. As our world has leap into digitalization and virtualization faster than we predicted, the new hiring trend has already begun.

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