JobRewards CEO Addresses the Recent Xiaohongshu (Red) Hype

JobRewards - Xiaohongshu hype
(25th Oct) – JobRewards’ Rewards Program has suddenly become viral within the week on the Chinese social media app, Xiaohongshu (XHS), also known as Red.
Some XHS users have been circulating viral posts about the JobRewards platform (while some only mentioned it is a Malaysian Job Platform) and detailing ways to collect points to redeem gadgets such as Apple Watch, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 from the website. Some even compare JobRewards to a Malaysian well-known job platform but with rewards. With this unexpected ongoing hype, we interviewed the CEO of JobRewards, Mr. Adam Tan to get some comments on this incident.
“I was shocked when my colleague told me about this hype. What really surprised me is we did not run any marketing campaign on the said app, it is totally by word of mouth,” commented Mr. Adam.
Mr. Adam also mentioned that the Rewards Program has been in existence since the start of JobRewards. Founded just a few months before our nation’s first lockdown in March 2020, JobRewards aims to be the most rewarding job platform for jobseekers.
“Since our establishment, JobRewards has come out with programs like Bantuan Balik Kerja to reconnect jobseekers to the workforce and also Bantuan Digitalisasi JobRewards for hiring companies to use our job ads for free.” said Mr. John, the CMO of JobRewards. “We also work with a lot of the universities and government agencies to help lower down the unemployment rate since the pandemic strikes Malaysia,” he added.
About Mr. Adam’s view on this Xiaohongshu hype, “First of all, I am very happy because this is good publicity. While in hindsight, we are overwhelmed by the responses and our team has to put in extra hours to serve the growing crowd. Nevertheless, I believe my team is able to handle it nicely and professionally.”
JobRewards Good start for Bantuan Balik Kerja BBK Malaysia 1000 slots estimated to be filled up by end of June
When being asked about some reported technical issues, Mr. Adam replied “Yes, there are incidents like website-crashing in the first week, which our technical team has already resolved, and as for the rewards, currently we have no choice but to put people on queue but I believe the first batch will be out for delivery soon.”
When we asked about his view, Mr. John replied, “I am also shocked too when I found out about the unusual increase in our website traffic and engagement. Then our team did some digging and we found that it all started when a user shared a post about redeeming a reward from our platform on Xiaohongshu and then others started liking and sharing.”
Mr. John added “…but some of the posts are misleading, that’s why our team quickly set up an official account on the app to set things straight. You can find our official Xiaohongshu ID on our homepage. We have also added an official announcement on our website to clarify to the public the purpose of our rewards and also hope they will not abuse or spam our website. All in all, I think everything is still under control.”
The JobRewards’ team would like to thank the public involvement thus far in spreading JobRewards services to their friends and family and encourage the public to use JobRewards’ platform responsibly and wisely.

JobRewards official Xiaohongshu (Red) ID: 2796565442

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