JobRewards In Talk With PYDC For Future Plans

JobRewards JobRewards In Talk With PYDC For Future Plan

From left to right, John Ling (CMO of JobRewards), Dr. Gwee Sai Ling (GM of PYDC), Adam Tan (CEO of JobRewards)

– The Penang Youth Development Corporation (PYDC) has recently introduced an initiative themed “We Want You” to help youths who are at risk of losing their jobs during this season of Covid-19 pandemic.
The initiative has been well received by the public and has piqued the interest of JobRewards to seek out opportunities for collaboration with PYDC.
As such our team has recently visited PYDC headquarters in Penang, and it proved to be very fruitful as we learn more about how PYDC is reaching out to youths in Penang, as well as providing training and preparing them for the workforce.
We have met with the general manager of PYDC, Dr. Gwee Sai Ling, who shared with us the five areas of focus of PYDC, namely Career, Education, Social Responsibilities, Art & Culture and Personal Development.
Few of these areas are similar to what JobRewards are providing to our job seekers, especially aid for career advancement and personal development.
JobRewards has recently launched a program called “Bantuan Balik Kerja” or BBK, which we pledged to help 1000 job seekers to get a job and also to reward successful candidates.
BBK is aligned with the PYDC’s “We Want You” initiative.
On top of that, our upcoming Online Job Fair which will be held on 6-10 July will also help our candidates to be reconnected back to the workforce faster and more effectively.
To achieve this, JobRewards is offering zero sign up fees for both companies and job seekers, as well as interview guides and feedback services for the candidates.
We are positive and honoured to be given this chance to share our vision with PYDC, and we are confident that our future partnership will be an exciting one as we aim to organize more workshops and programs to better benefit companies and also our candidates.
To learn more about “We Want You” by PYDC, please visit

To sign up for PYDC upcoming event, please click here.


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