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(25th Jan) – JobRewards has recently kicked off its first online training of the year for its inhouse and Open For All (OFA) recruiters titled “Recruitment Process”, with 11 participants attended.
The training, conducted by Mohd Zarith, Recruitment Operations Manager of JobRewards, is designed to consolidate understanding of the entire recruitment process, especially for OFA recruiters, as well as go into depth about how to screen job candidates and prepare them for the job interview.
JobRewards is building its fleet of OFA recruiters – so that anyone, after given proper training and guidance, is able to become a freelance recruiter.
The OFA model is based on the sharing economy concept, allowing freelancers to tap into shared resources at JobRewards platform to source job candidates, earning extra side income remotely.
The series of online training, which will be available once a month, will cover various topics related to job recruitment and staffing, and will be helpful in building a strong fleet of OFA recruiters.
One of the questions raised during the training was “What is the criteria to become a successful recruiter?”. Zack explained “We must not only be the recruiter, but also become the consultant for the candidates to ensure that they succeed in their interview”.

To sign up to be an OFA recruiter, please click on this link.

JobRewards - OFA Training

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