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(16th Oct) – As the startup culture has set root in Asia and recently in SEA, Malaysia has also ridden along with the startup tide. With the recent successful stories of startups like Grab, DeliverEat, and Carsome, JobRewards is founded in 2020 to revolutionize the hiring culture in Malaysia. In collaboration with SEGi College Penang, JobRewards was honoured to be invited to share their startup journey with students and the public alike.
This sharing session was presented by Mr. Adam Tan, the founder and CEO of JobRewards. Mr. Adam started the session by introducing himself. He was an engineer working in MNCs before he started his entrepreneurial journey. Because of his past experience with a recruitment agency, he found that there is a lack of efficiency in the hiring process. He then started the company with his talented co-founder, Mr. John Ling.
One of the unique points about JobRewards is their rewarding system, which is one of a kind in the job industry. JobRewards aim to reward their jobseekers with lucrative rewards like iPhone, AppleWatch, Huawei phone, and tablet. JobRewards also aims to be the fastest growing job rewarding platform in Malaysia.
Mr. Adam also shared a few critical elements to run a startup:
The Mindset – You will need to be ready to change and accept all the challenges thrown your way.
The Partners – A like-minded partner or founders is very important, sometimes not only to encourage you but also to set you back on course when you have drifted away.
Funding – You will need money to run your business operations and marketing. You must also have enough reserve for your daily expenses.
Business Ideas & Plan – A good business idea is very important to get you started but to make it successful, you will need a better plan and execution.
Commitment – You have to do lots of things that you don’t like to do, or you can get somebody who is great at doing them to do it. But at the very start, you have to get your hands dirty.
Persistence – It’s not a 1-2 year thing, but a long-term journey, once you go & grow, you will hardly stop. The business can grow big and is not earning, which lots of startups nowadays do, and the pressure, the stress, will be overwhelming. Make sure you can persist with your commitment in this journey to make it successful.
Mr. Adam then concluded the sharing session by thanking the audience for their time and also answering any questions raised by the audience.

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