Expectations vs. Reality of My Internship During Covid-19 Pandemic – by Lim Jia Xin

JobRewards - My Internship with JobRewards
As this pandemic hit the world, I believe we can say that we are entering a new era. A lot of changes took place in our lives without any portent, which caught everyone completely off guard and also brought profound impacts into one of the meaningful events in my life that I have always looked forward to – that is my internship.
I have always had a vision in my mind when I was studying in college. The image of myself sitting at my own little desk in an office; meeting with professionals and getting the golden opportunity to learn with all the great people; gaining an insight into the real-life workplace culture, have always excited me. However, now it is actually one of the things that is beyond my expectation when doing my internship from home is the reality. Before I continue further, I have to say being a part of the team at JobRewards is absolutely the greatest thing that has happened to me in the course of my summer internship.
Let me share with you a little bit of my amazing interview experience with JobRewards. To begin with, I was feeling slightly discouraged and upset because it was getting harder to land a placement for an internship. In the midst of my worries, I came to know about JobRewards through a good friend of mine. She introduced me to the company and it genuinely piqued my interest as I researched to know more about JobRewards. I could not help but think how incredible of an experience it would be to join such a high-growth company and I went for it! I would say I am really lucky because the company gave me a chance and invited me for a remote interview. I was so nervous and did not expect it to turn out to be such a friendly interview, they made me feel relaxed and welcomed during the entire session. I am earnestly grateful that I received the internship offer at JobRewards.
Before my internship started, I actually had this expectation that my supervisors or superiors would be unapproachable ascribed to the hierarchy, but I can tell you that there is no such system at JobRewards. People here are honestly kind and genial. I feel like I was not regarded merely as an intern to the company, but truly as a valuable part of the team. Instead of feeling invisible, I feel seen and my voice is heard. I was encouraged and told to freely voice out my own opinions and ideas whenever I have any in mind without hesitation. I have never thought that I could be given the chance to take part in a company meeting, and there, I have been invited along every week. On top of that, I have the opportunity to participate in various trainings and getting a grasp of the operations within the company also led me to obtain first-hand experience from all the professionals. These experiences are certainly something I would not be able to learn in a classroom.
JobRewards - My Internship with JobRewards
To be honest, I have been told by many that I would not learn anything from my internship and I was to simply carry out a process. But that is so wrong. It is the process that matters and here at JobRewards, I have acquired a great deal of hands-on experience throughout my internship journey. It has also opened a door to self-realization that made me strive to become the best version of myself. I proudly say the experience has nurtured me as an individual and provided me room for improvement while broadening my view of the world.
As the old adage goes, “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. The same applies to my internship or any jobs. Once you look closely and commit yourself to it, you will be surprised with the invaluable lessons and unimaginable opportunities that follow. Last but not least, I would like to thank JobRewards once again for giving me such a fantastic opportunity and allowing me to gain a lot in this internship journey.
JobRewards - Lim Jia Xin

Lim Jia Xin is a dedicated Business Management student at SEGi College Penang who has completed her remote internship with JobRewards

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