Recruitment Tech Startup Raises RM335K via MyStartr Crowdfunding

JobRewards - Recruitment Tech Startup Raises RM335K via MyStartr Crowdfunding
(11th Jan) – JobRewards, a fast-growing Penang based job recruitment platform, has raised RM335k in its seed round equity crowdfunding campaign via crowdfunding platform MyStartr, to expand its innovative recruitment disruptive technology to the employment landscape across the country.
The crowdfunding has successfully raised 165% of the targeted funding amount, with a total of 19 investors invested in the company during the one-month campaign which ended on 10 January 2021

The Rewarding Solution for Employers

Founded in 2020, JobRewards provides cost-effective and quality-assured job recruitment services for both employers and job seekers, connecting the right employers to the right talents easily and rewardingly.
Instead of following the traditional way of paying hefty commissions to headhunters and wasting resources to screen through mountains of irrelevant candidates from job boards, JobRewards with its affordable and professional core services and complimentary free job posting service allow it to capture a wider job candidate pool.
JobRewards, tapping into the sharing economy, is also a leader in the Open For All (OFA) recruiting model that allows anyone, after given proper guidance, to source candidates on its platform, earning extra side income. The candidate profiles will then be passed on to the company’s core team which will deal with customers directly to assure quality standard is maintained while boosting hiring efficiency.

“Ang Pow” for Job Seekers

Another highlight of JobRewards is the 5% Bonus Reward for job seekers that managed to secure a job through its platform. This 5% Bonus Reward is akin to receiving an “ang pow” or pocket money from JobRewards for getting a new job, worth 5% of the person’s new job annual salary. For example, for a person who is earning RM3,000 per month, the 5% Bonus Reward will be RM1,800.

The Future Expansion

With the current pandemic ravaging the global economy, there is a strong need to evolve from the old ways of doing recruitment, and JobRewards believes in revolutionizing the job recruitment cycle and culture – that finding the right job should be easy and equally rewarding.
Funds raised in this round of crowdfunding campaign will allow JobRewards to expand its current core and OFA team, as well as fine tuning Artificial Intelligence (AI) and blockchain technology in its platform.
Riding on the current trend of digital marketing, JobRewards aims to bring its job-rewarding services to more job seekers and employers across the country and expand its regional influence in Southeast Asia (SEA).

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