USM and JobRewards – Virtual Tech Expo & RoViSP 2021 Updates

JobRewards USM Virtual Expo
(22nd Jan) – Embracing new ways of doing events, JobRewards and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) are in the final stages of preparation for the upcoming collaboration on the Virtual Tech Expo and the 11th International Conference on Robotics, Vision, Signal Processing and Power Applications (RoViSP 2021), which will be running fully virtual for the first time since RoViSP’s inception, on the 5th-6th April 2021.
“Since the (RoViSP) committee led by Dr. Dzati decided to switch this into a full virtual event, we have received more participants than the previous events,” said Dr. Muhammad Nasiruddin Mahyuddin, Associate Professor in School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, USM.
“To date, we have more than 200 paper submissions and we are in the process of reviewing the papers now”, said Dr. Dzati Athiar Ramli, Associate Professor in School of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, USM. “Besides that, we have also confirmed three keynote speakers hailing from Australia and France for the event day. They are experts in the 5G and AI field.” she added on.
From JobRewards end, Mr. Adam Tan, the CEO of JobRewards, provides updates on the progress of the virtual booths. “Our second draft of the virtual booth is ready now, and this is done by our partner i-Smart.” said Adam, who proceeded to show the demo of the virtual booths to the RoViSP 2021 committee.
JobRewards USM Virtual Expo
JobRewards USM Virtual Expo
JobRewards USM Virtual Expo
“We can still make changes if the USM committee has further comments, and finalize everything before the event,” added Adam after the demo.
Since the Virtual Tech Expo will be running in conjunction with the RoViSP 2021, participants can freely navigate to the event hall on the “left door” from the main lobby to attend the RoViSP conference, or enter the “right door” leading to the exhibition hall to visit virtual booths of MNCs and SMEs and interact with the companies’ persons-in-charge at the booths. The whole experience is designed to be as realistic as possible without the need to be physically present.

More details will be available in the finalized version. Click Here to learn more.

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