USM Career Talk on September 9th

JobRewards USM Career Talk
(9th Sep) – JobRewards was invited by USM Penang to conduct an online career talk for their Computer Science and Engineering students who will be commencing their placement and internship soon.
This 1.5 hour career talk via Google Meet initially targets 70 participants, but it has taken JobRewards by surprise with nearly 120 students attending during the actual day of the talk.

Besides sharing the current norm and situations at the workplace, JobRewards also helps students to clear the air about common misconceptions about recruitment agencies.
The career talk covers:

  1. Working From Home (WFH)
  2. Companies Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) during RMCO
  3. Challenges for job searching and interview during RMCO
  4. New trend for hiring
  5. Interactive Q&A session
  6. Experience sharing by JobRewards recruitment manager, Mr. Zack
“Remember, an interview is supposed to be casual and it is never formal. Try to imagine it as a discussion between you and the company.” explained Zack, Recruitment Manager of JobRewards.
This online career talk ended with a thank you speech from Dr. Nurul from the School of Computer Sciences, USM.
JobRewards also provides career consultation, please contact us to get a free consultation or click on the banner below to find out more about this career talk.

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