Virtual Conference & Exhibition Ended, More Collaboration To Come with USM

(11th Apr) The 11th International Conference on Robotics, Vision, Signal Processing and Power Applications (RoViSP) 2021 had officially come to an end today. This new virtual conference and exhibition was the first partnership between JobRewards and Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), one of the top-ranked universities in Malaysia.
JobRewards provided a platform for USM to organize their paper presentation for more than 180 participants throughout the world. A virtual technology exhibition was also organized by JobRewards in conjunction with the conference. The 360 virtual experience was powered by i-Smart.
The USM paper presentation ran for 2 days (5th & 6th April) with approximately 180 paper presentations and 3 keynote speeches. The speeches included 3 topics,of which the first topic was 4G to 5G Technology: Evolution or Revolution by Prof. Dr. Tharek Abd Rahman from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM). The second was RoSE: A Robotic Soft Esophagus for Endoprosthetic Stent Testing by Prof. Dr. Peter (Weiliang) Xu from the New Zealand Medical Technologies Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE). And the third topic was Autonomous Vehicle, Modelling and Control Approaches by Prof. Dr. Abdelhamid Rabhi from the University of Picardie Jules Vernes, France.
On the other hand, the JobRewards virtual technology exhibition ran for one week with a total of 18 exhibitors and approximately 1,700 visitors. JobRewards would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the participating exhibitors for joining this event. They are Globetronic Technology Berhad, iSmart Support Pte Ltd, Nationgate Solution Sdn Bhd, Teras Teknologi Sdn Bhd, BungkusIt, SASA Surveillance Services Sdn Bhd, Fusionex International, WORQ Coworking Space, Sicpa Product Security Sdn Bhd, Forward School, MrSpeedy Malaysia, Hon Chuan Malaysia Sdn Bhd, Greatech Technology Sdn Bhd, iZyoo Platform Sdn Bhd, Food Dreams & Co and Inmagine Group. JobRewards would also like to specially thank our community partner, Digital Penang.
“We are in talks with USM School of Engineering for future collaborations in programs such as preparation for industrial training and career advancement” said Adam, CEO of JobRewards.
As a recruitment tech company, JobRewards is always improving our technology and algorithm to increase the accuracy of our job matching. More seamless job hunting experiences are yet to come.

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