When Working From Home Turns Into Nightmares: Bosses From Hell

JobRewards When Working From Home Turns Into Nightmares

As the global spread of Covid-19 transmission continues to spiral out of control, our government has decided to again extend the Movement Control Order (MCO) by two weeks, leaving many companies in Malaysia with little choice but to roll out their Working From Home (WFH) policies, in a bid to keep business afloat. 

JobRewards has also responded to the health crisis by transitioning all operations online since last week, and we have shared from our experience about how we have coped with remote working by following five simple steps outlined in 5 Steps To Boost Your Working From Home Productivity.

But it seems that WFH can be a paradoxical experience for some employees. While remote working creates a greater degree of flexibility and freedom for most workers, a minority may actually find themselves on the opposite side of the scale from freedom. They feel suffocated from the nightmares of incessant demands from their bosses, and as a result more stressed out than when working in the office. WFH may not be all sunshine and rainbows after all. 

Whether it is the subconscious lack of self-awareness about being hard on people, or the direct result from the arising scepticism about the workings and concept of WFH, let us identify and recognise signs of excessive tendencies your bosses may exhibit toward you. 

1. They micromanage you

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When you start to feel uncomfortable about the heightened scrutiny of your work and whereabouts by your bosses, it is probably a sign that your bosses are switching their management gear towards micromanagement style. Some may request to be copied in every email correspondence, while others may constantly question your every move especially when you fail to respond to messages or emails within 15 minutes. Some bosses may even go as far as instructing you to switch on your webcams while working at home to prove that you are physically at your designated work space during working hours just like working in the office. It is inevitable that their lack of trust will eventually drive you up the wall – making even your 5-minute toilet break like a trip to hell.

2. They change their priorities every now and then

"After working halfway through the report, they suddenly change their minds again and inform you that the meeting will be postponed..."

While it is common practice to re-prioritize your work according to the demands from your bosses, it can become a stumbling block to fruitful work productivity when your bosses frequently change their demands on a whim. To name an example, you have been instructed to prioritize that email to your customer and send it out by 10 am. Yet at 9.30 am, your bosses demanded you to focus on preparing a 10-page report for a meeting in the afternoon immediately. After working halfway through the report, they suddenly change their minds again and inform you that the meeting will be postponed until the following week. And despite being directed by your bosses to change your working priorities, they still shift the blame on you for delaying your email to the said customer. Definitely a counterproductive way to boost employee morale.

3. They rule with an iron fist

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One of the core approaches to nurturing a healthy backbone of a company’s workforce is to increase employee engagement. And to that end, the company has to empower their employees to freely contribute ideas and foster a strong sense of employee ownership in the company. Unfortunately for some bosses, that sort of freedom could only be earned at best, and even non-existent at worst. Being excluded from any updates on the company’s development and changes, as well as having no say in any company-related decisions only fractures trust and confidence in the company, and in the end decreases employee engagement. Ultimately trust is a two-way street, and being a tyrant boss from hell is not going to ease the flow of traffic on that street.

4. They treat everything as emergency

"Any new ideas coming to their minds, or even minor issues on the rise, they feel the urge to instruct you right away..."

One of the downsides of working from home is the impossibility of bringing your office phone back home. It becomes a necessity to give up your personal mobile number or home landline number to your bosses. With your personal phone number at hand, and the knowledge that you have your work laptop at home, some bosses may abuse this convenience and start working you beyond normal working hours. Any new ideas coming to their minds, or even minor issues on the rise, they feel the urge to instruct you right away, and you would not be able to unplug from work. Imagine receiving a call from your boss during wee hours of the morning because of a so-called non-essential “emergency” that needs sorting out right away. Just because some bosses are workaholics, it does not mean others should be treated the same.

5. They are overly demanding

Another sign of distrust from your bosses when you work from home is their obsessive need to pile a mountain of extra assignments for you. It can be very frustrating when your bosses ask you to do and redo your reports multiple times, before actually telling you what the major problems are – which in most cases turn out to be just not in the format they approved of. Unable to “see” you at work, some bosses may even nitpick a typo mistake in your Skype conversations, or remark harshly about you not looking directly at the camera during video calls.
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Understandably the Covid-19 pandemic is disrupting the existing ways of doing things and many companies are struggling to embrace the new ways of working. Employers and employees need to come together and bridge the gap between obsolete and relevant ways of working. The bottom line of a business is productivity, and productivity is unlikely to increase with employees diverting their attention to deal with their employer’s new suffocating management style. If finding a common ground is not possible, you many need to rethink your career direction and look for a better work environment


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