UNIMAP Career Talk

A Sharing Session by JobRewards

JobRewards UNIMAP Career Talk

Workshop Synopsis

Participants will learn about the current job market, the hiring trends and also the main human qualities companies are looking out for in 2020. We will also be sharing some practical guides on resume writing and interview tips useful for prospective talents to land in the right career.

Speakers Biography

JobRewards - Adam Tan

Adam Tan, Founder & CEO РJobRewards 

Graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Adam is a highly sought-after senior Artificial Intelligence (AI) Engineer who is an expert in cybersecurity. A charismatic leader, Adam has successfully helm a team of professional AI engineers for the past five years with Aemulus. He is also an entrepreneur and seasoned speaker, and is experienced in conducting career talks at numerous universities and colleges.

John Ling, Founder & CMO РJobRewards 

John Ling is an entrepreneur, engineer and trainer on a mission to transform the whole job-seeking culture. John holds a MSc in Electronics and Electrical (E&E) Engineering from the University of Bradford (UK), and has served in the E&E and Process Engineering industries over the past eight years. Having worked with his previous companies, including UST Global, in the hiring and training of skilled workers, John is able to offer rewarding insights into the talent solutions industry.

JobRewards - John Ling

Company Profile

JobRewards is a dynamic online job platform specializing in bridging the best of talents with the right employers in Malaysia. At JobRewards, we believe that finding the right job should be – easy, fast and equally rewarding. As such, JobRewards also provide excellent training in career skills development through validated tools, to help connect prospective talents with opportunities to gain an edge in landing the right job. Rewarding jobs. JobRewards.
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