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for jobseekers

Our technology combined artificial intelligence with the blockchain to bring
the best jobseekers and great companies together.

We aim to be the first platform that can completely replace a recruitment agency with fully automated hiring process and attractive rewards.

Rewards Points

We are a one of a kind job platform that rewards jobseekers with attractive rewards. You can be rest assured that our reward points will never expire. Earn, accumulate and redeem more reward points with every point-earning activities below.

Sign Up

25,000 pts

Earn one-off reward points when signing up for the first time.

Complete Profile

25,000 pts

Earn one-off reward points after completing profile in platform.

Complete Psychometric Profile

15,000 pts

Earn one-off reward points after completing each psychometric tests on your psychometric profile.

New Job

100,000 pts or more!

Earn one-off reward points after being Successfully Employed through our platform. Depending on the job offer, reward points may vary.


10,000 pts

Earn UNLIMITED reward points when referring friends to sign up for the first time. You will earn the reward points for each new friend signed up for the first time.

Per Reward Redemption

10,000 pts / product

Earn one-off reward points after successfully redeem a product and help us to write a good review with photo. Yay!

Tagging Us

10,000 pts

Earn one-off reward points after uploading a picture(s) of your Rewards and tag us on FB @JobRewardsPage or IG Extra yay!

* JobRewards reserves the right to amend the reward points program from time to time without prior notice to ensure our most loyal users receive the best service.

Our Happy Users

JobRewards - Rewards Review

Jobseeking should never be stressful again. I redeemed 3 pcs of 1 gram gold bar and a drone with my Reward Points which I get just by referring friends, family and others that are looking for a new job. Very easy! You can do it too.


18 Aug 2021

Received the reward within 10 days and also in a good condition! Thank you JobRewards!


23 Aug 2021

JobRewards - Rewards Review 3

Who would have thought a job platform can be packed with so many rewards? I am so happy to have redeemed my first rewards with JobRewards! The James Bond gold coin looks especially cool and totally worth my time & effort to collect Reward Points for this. Explore JobRewards yourself to find out more. 


30 Aug 2021

JobRewards - Rewards

Revolutionary Technology

This powerful utilization of technology will fulfill our mission to realign the industry away from costly middlemen towards a decentralized, reward-based community.
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