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In this course, Alex Yeoh will be sharing with you the following interesting lessons which ranges from basic understanding of the investment objective and things that we should know before embarking on your investment journey.

An introduction video
~ who is this guy called Alex Yeoh?

Saving vs Investing
~ Oh. They are different?
~ Always people mixed up and categorize it wrongly.

Why we need to invest?
~ Yes. I use the word ‘need’ here because it is a necessity nowadays to let our money work harder, in my opinion. We have to find out the reasons why we make the move. And, why is it related to GDP? What is GDP?

Understand a bit about the economy…
~ the 3 key parties
~ how does money flow from & to one another

Our enemy of money – Inflation
~ We heard about this word over and over again. Why? Because this is very important.
~ We just cannot ignored or neglect the impact from inflation
~ That’s why we have to understand this jargon first here

Time Value of Money (TVM)
~ Another jargon that you have to learn
~ Money = Time? What’s that?

The 8th Wonder of the World
~ Huh? This was advocate by some of the world’s greatest minds (not me).
~ What is so wonderful about this?
~ Hints: You must know this as earlier as possible. (Unless you want to regret later)

Rule of 72
~ Why not 36? What is so special about 72?
~ If you’re a lazy person like me, then you must master this rule 🙂
~ Master this rule and you can throw away your financial calculator… (just kidding)

Understanding your Risk Profile
~ Investment is not just about making profit
~ Whether you can stomach the risk is one of the important factor that could make or fail your investment journey

An overview of different type of Investments in Malaysia
~ as interesting as it sounds, we learn something which can be applied here in Malaysia
~ this will covers many different type of asset classes here
~ get some insights into each of these investments type and build a good foundation before we delve into details later

Alex Yeoh
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